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  • Mountains

    A country of great beauty, Nepal is home to eight of the 14 highest mountains in the world. The Himalayan mountain range extends across the country from the eastern edge to the western edge. This conglomeration of beautiful and rugged mountain peaks has drawn mountain trekkers and climbers from all over the world. Many come here to test their skills, their mental and physical strength and ...

  • Dhaulagiri

    The Dhaulagiri Mountain is located in the eastern region of Nepal, at the Tibet Border. It was discovered in 1808, and up until that time the Chimborazo Mountain in Ecuador held the position as the world’s highest mountain. Dhaulagiri changed all that, with a summit of 8,201 meters and it is today the 7th highest peak in the world. For thirty years, it was believed that ...

  • Maurice Herzog's

    The Maurice Herzog Expedition stands out from all the other expeditions in Nepal as it was this expedition party that conquered Annapurna for the very first time. Many climbers from all over the world had come to Annapurna by the year 1950 but none had been successful in summating the mountain. That was until Maurice Herzog.