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  • Western


    Located on a plateau overlooking the picturesque Kali Gandaki Valley, with the snowcapped Mount Dhaulagiri in the distance, the town of Baglung is an important destination for trekkers exploring the surroundings, including Annapurna, Dhorpatan, Dhaulagiri and Dolpo. Also known as Baglung Bazar, this rather isolated town was a stopover point for traders in ancient times as they traveled the ...

  • Mid-Western


    Located on the southern slopes of Mount Dhaulagiri in the Baglung District of the Mid-Western Region of Nepal, the small village of Dhorpatan is best known for being the headquarters of the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve - a sanctuary for animals where a limited amount of hunting is permitted. A landing strip for light aircraft is available to visitors who choose this method to reach the village, ...

  • Regions


    Located between the Western and Far Western regions of Nepal, the Mid Western (Madhya Pashchimanchal) Region is one of the country's five Development Regions and has the city of Birendranagar as its headquarters. Birendranagar, which was named in honor of the late King Birendra, lies in the beautiful Surkhet Valley of the Mid Western Region and serves as the commercial center for surrounding ...

  • Attractions

    National Parks

    There are a great number of National Parks in Nepal which are definitely worth a visit. The country has an abundance of wildlife which will appeal to all – snow leopards, Indian rhinoceros, barking deer, bears and tigers – and that's not all! Many a Nepali legend has incorporated these stunning creatures, and life in Nepal would not be quite the same without them. The best way to view ...

  • Wildlife

    Snow Leopard

    Nepal has an estimated population of 350-500 snow leopards in the wild. This is approximately a tenth of the world’s population. The vast and wild terrain and the animal’s elusive nature make spotting difficult. Though snow leopard treks are organized regularly, spotting one is difficult and extremely rare. If you take a snow leopard trek, just enjoy it for the sheer magnificence and beauty ...

  • National Parks

    Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

    Nepal is a beautiful country inhabiting an amazing array of Wildlife Reserves and National Parks hidden amongst the many majestic mountains of the Himalayan range. It is here that you will also find the only hunting reserve set aside by the Government of Nepal.