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  • Climbers

    Over the years many people have taken up the challenge of scaling the world’s greatest mountains but few have received the level of recognition enjoyed by those who have been the first to conquer some of Nepal’s greatest mountains. Some of these climbers in Nepal have attempted to conquer Mount Everest – the biggest and most challenging of them all. Others have attempted to conquer other ...

  • Doug Scott

    On 29 May 1941, in Notthingham (England), Douglas Keith Scott was born. Today, he is known as Doug Scott CBE, with the CBE title awarded to him in 1994. Doug’s interest in mountain climbing started at a young age after a school outing took them to the White Hall Outdoor Activities Center. This trip inspired Doug Scott to take to the mountains from the age of 12. He would make 45 trips to the ...

  • South West Face Route

    Nothing can really express the emotions one feels after having just finished establishing your base camp. This is when you can take the time to gaze out at the surrounding landscape and allow your eyes to wonder heavenward. You may take in the surrounding landscape for what seems like an eternity before it suddenly hits you; you’re looking at the highest mountain in the world!