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    The beautiful city of Dharan, in the Sunsari District of Nepal, has a rich and colorful history that can be traced back to the time of the Kingdoms of Limbuwan, in 1584 AD. The traditions and culture of this vital trading centre add to the magnificence and uniqueness of the city and its diverse population. For tourists and visitors, Dharan does not only offer historical treasures to explore, ...

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    The quaint and quiet town of Dhankuta, is located approximately fifty kilometers from the city of Dharan. It does not have the exciting attractions and thrilling activities other towns and cities might have to offer, but what it lacks in breathtaking architecture, it makes up for in magnificent wildlife and spectacular hiking trails. Nature lovers will find Dhankuta to be a natural gem and ...

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    Namache Bazaar

    Just because Namche Bazaar is referred to as a village, it is a destination in Nepal that should not be underestimated. The permanent resident population is under two thousand people, but as Namche Bazaar is a significant trading post and gateway to the Himalayas, it is a village that is always bustling with business and foreign tourists. Endless numbers of trekking enthusiasts eventually ...

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    Located near the city of Dharan in the Eastern Region of Nepal, the town and municipality of Itahari is developing so rapidly that it is expected to reach the outskirts of Dharan in the not too distant future. One of the reasons for the rapid expansion of Itahari is the fact that it lies on both the south-north Koshi Highway and west-east Mahendra highway, making it an important ...

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    Located around 18 kilometers north of the border between India and Nepal, the town of Rajbiraj is the administrative headquarters of both the Saptari District and the Sagarmatha Zone in Eastern Region of Nepal. Rajbiraj has an airfield which receives domestic flights from Kathmandu and the town is connected to the highway crossing the fertile Terai region of Nepal, referred to as the ...

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    The fourteen administrative zones of Nepal are split between five development regions, one of which is the Eastern (Purwanchal) Region. The town of Dhankuta is the capital of the Eastern Region, as well as the capital of the Dhankuta District. The area around the town is primarily used for agriculture, with small rural villages scattered throughout the region. Dhankuta is located on the ...

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    Everyone venturing to Nepal will most likely know that Kathmandu is the country’s largest city. What many won’t know is that Biratnagar is Nepal’s second largest city. Located in the Koshi Zone to the southeast of the country near the border, Biratnager has more than 160,000 inhabitants. The city is sub-metropolitan and acts as the ‘administrative center’ for the Morang district.