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    Located around 18 kilometers north of the border between India and Nepal, the town of Rajbiraj is the administrative headquarters of both the Saptari District and the Sagarmatha Zone in Eastern Region of Nepal. Rajbiraj has an airfield which receives domestic flights from Kathmandu and the town is connected to the highway crossing the fertile Terai region of Nepal, referred to as the ...

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    Education in Nepal has only recently been developing, putting plans into action that will result in ongoing improvements. Several international organizations are involved in assisting Nepal with its education system and in educating children in rural areas of the country. Educational development in Nepal is seen as vital to cut-down the poverty rate as well as to promote community ...

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    In all countries and languages, proverbs and sayings have been formed by societies to capture basic truths and perceptions based on the experiences of communities. This is true for Nepal's proverbs and sayings, which provide much insight into the culture, views and ideals of the people. Proverbs from Nepal are most often related to situation in life and general opinions. Well-known Nepalese ...

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    Kopan Monastery

    Kopan Monastery lies on the Kopan Hill, not far from the city of Boudhanath, overlooking the Kathmandu valley and surrounding areas. Previously the Monastery was situated on the Himalayan mountain range where Lama Zopa Rinpoche fulfilled a promise he had once made to build a monastic school for the children in the nearby locality. The school was called the Mount Everest Center, the name of ...

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    When one considers a place as seemingly remote as Nepal, you would hardly imagine that it has a long history of theater. To most westerners the concept of theater goes hand in hand with ornate buildings and large, complex stages. And yet, Nepal has been involved in theater in one form or another for well over two millenniums. Unlike with western theater, theatrical performances have ...

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    Nepal is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations to visit. You can enjoy an amazing number of activities and attractions that will leave you with some wonderful memories. Here are some interesting facts regarding the demographics of Nepal.