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  • Indian Embassy

    It is the responsibility of the Embassy of India in Nepal to maintain and strengthen the existing relations between India and Nepal. India and Nepal have had a long-standing relationship since the 1950 signing of the Treaty and Peace Agreement. It is a relationship that has been able to withstand political changes and economic difficulties.

  • French Embassy

    The French Embassy is located in the city of Kathmandu and provides vital Consular Services to the French residents in Nepal and to the French citizens that come to visit the country, as well as to Nepali residents who wish to travel to France. There is a long history between France and Nepal that has resulted in a strong relationship.

  • Australian Embassy

    The Australian Embassy in Nepal is focused on providing necessary services to citizens of Australia living in or visiting Nepal, as well as to Nepali people who wish to travel to Australia. The Visa Offices provide information about visa requirements for people wanting to enter into Australia or wanting to become a citizen of Australia. The Visa office also processes applications for visas ...

  • Foreign Embassies

    Anyone considering traveling to or from Nepal should be aware of what foreign embassies can be found in the country. If the relevant country does have a foreign embassy in Nepal, a traveler can save himself a lot of time and effort by approaching them directly and asking for advice. Most foreign embassies in Nepal will be more than happy to help you prepare for your trip by organizing visas ...

  • U.S. Embassy

    The goal of the United States Embassy is to promote peace and a democracy within Nepal. The United States Embassy also works to gain the support of the Nepali government in global issues. Together the countries work to fight terrorism, the control of drug trafficking and environmental protection. But first and foremost, the U.S. Embassy in Nepal serves to provide support in a number of areas ...

  • U.K. Embassy

    The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Nepal is located in Kathmandu. The purpose of the embassy of the United Kingdom, is to uphold and maintain relations with Nepal and to promote the United Kingdom within Nepal. To achieve these goals, the U.K. Embassy has been divided into four offices that each concentrate on their own individual tasks.