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  • Makalu

    The stunning Makalu Mountain forms part of the mountain range known as the Himalayas. This isolated peak is regarded as the fifth highest mountain, sitting just fourteen miles to the east of Mount Everest in the Khumbakama Himal region. It has distinct characteristics with its four jagged ridges in a pyramid formation making Makalu all the more formidable and impressive at 8,462 meters in ...

  • Lhotse

    Lhotse Mountain makes up one of the eight highest and majestic mountains in the entire world, sitting at a formidable height of 8,516 meters above the sea level. Its most famous heritage is it’s proximity to the most graceful, but most dramatic mountain - Mount Everest. Lhotse is the main summit, but in addition there is Lhotse Middle at a height of 8,414 meters and Lhotse Shar at 8,383 ...

  • Cho Oyu

    Cho Oyu Mountain is known as ‘The Turquoise Goddess’. Her unfailing beauty is seen in her awe inspiring stature as she stands with the mighty Everest above all the surrounding mountains. It is at 8,201 meters, making Cho Oyu the sixth highest mountain out of Nepal’s eight and out of the twelve which exist in the whole world. This gracious mountain lies to the East of Nepal on the border of ...

  • Reinhold Messner

    On 7 September 1944, in Italy, a legendary climber by the name of Reinhold Messner was born. He was one of three children and, even though his father was a very strict disciplinarian who was sometimes extremely hard on his sons, it was his father who introduced him to the mountains and sparked a love for the giants that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

  • South East Ridge

    One of the most daunting mountains you can ever attempt to climb is that of Mount Everest – the highest mountain in the world. There are several routes that one can take up Everest but the most popular two are the South East Ridge, that starts off in Nepal, and the North East Ridge, which begins on the Tibetan side of the Mountain.

  • Hornbein and Willi

    1963 was a time of great uncertainty for Tom Hornbein who was stationed in San Diego as a Navy doctor. It was at this point that he was invited to join the first American expedition to attempt the ascent of Mount Everest up the West ridge route. To this day this is regarded as one of the hardest sides to attempt the climb on.

  • Sherman Bull

    Sherman Bull is both a Doctor and an experienced climber who has been on numerous climbing expeditions. Five of these expeditions have been in the Himalayas. Dr Sherman Bull comes from New Canaan, which is in Connecticut, where he works as a general surgeon at Stamford. For a man of sixty-four years he is in peak physical condition and is always taking part in activities such as marathons, ...

  • Tenzing Norgay

    Tenzing Norgay was an absolutely amazing historical figure. He was a man who was completely dedicated and committed to reaching his ultimate dream. His life has been an incredibly journey that will only be briefly touched on in this short article.

  • Temba Tsheri

    Everest has many stories to tell and one of these is the account of Temba Tsheri. Unlike those who had climbed the slopes of Everest before him, Temba was the first to attempt a successful ascent of Everest at the tender age of fifteen. Needless to say, if he been successful he would have undoubtedly gone down in the Guinness Book of records for such an accomplishment. Unfortunately Tsheri ...

  • Pemba Dorje

    Living among some of the most magnificent mountains in Nepal is a small group of people called the Sherpa. For over five hundred years, the Sherpas have made the Himalayan Mountain range their home and are well accustomed to the harsh terrain that they live in. The Sherpas are highly regarded for their physical endurance and their expertise in mountain climbing, and are an essential element ...