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    Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world; in third place at 28,169 feet or 8,586 meters is Kanchenjunga (or Kangchenjunga), which means "The five Treasures of Snows". A number of climbers and hikers have had the privilege to explore and climb the mountain peaks where they are dazzled by the picturesque views surrounding them from different viewing points. Of all the mountain ranges ...

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    As the home of the magnificent Himalayas, Nepal has seen more than one legendary expedition in its time. No doubt conquering even the lower parts of this beautiful mountain range was viewed as a magnificent milestone by early travelers. Today conquering its most famous mountain, Mount Everest, has become the lifelong dream of many around the world. Still others hope to climb as many of the ...

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    George Leigh Mallory

    George Leigh Mallory was a man of great ambition. This he proved time and time again through his many climbing expeditions, including three of the first attempts in the early 1920’s through the uncharted range of Mount Everest.

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    Jon Krakauer's

    The disaster that took place on 10 May 1996, on the legendary Mount Everest, will be etched in everyone’s memories for years to come. It is one of the most controversial Mount Everest disasters and as Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air” hit the shelves, giving a personal account of what happened on the mountain, tempers flared and many climbers that were on the mountain on that fateful day felt ...

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    Hillary and Norgay

    Everest, formidable and majestic as it towers above its surrounding companions, forever posing the greatest challenge to man in the world of mountain climbing. For two men however, the challenge put them forever into the history books as the first climbers to ascend Mount Everest successfully by means of the Southern-East Ridge Route.

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    Hornbein and Willi

    1963 was a time of great uncertainty for Tom Hornbein who was stationed in San Diego as a Navy doctor. It was at this point that he was invited to join the first American expedition to attempt the ascent of Mount Everest up the West ridge route. To this day this is regarded as one of the hardest sides to attempt the climb on.

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    Maurice Herzog's

    The Maurice Herzog Expedition stands out from all the other expeditions in Nepal as it was this expedition party that conquered Annapurna for the very first time. Many climbers from all over the world had come to Annapurna by the year 1950 but none had been successful in summating the mountain. That was until Maurice Herzog.

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    Sherman Bull

    Sherman Bull is both a Doctor and an experienced climber who has been on numerous climbing expeditions. Five of these expeditions have been in the Himalayas. Dr Sherman Bull comes from New Canaan, which is in Connecticut, where he works as a general surgeon at Stamford. For a man of sixty-four years he is in peak physical condition and is always taking part in activities such as marathons, ...

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    Temba Tsheri

    Everest has many stories to tell and one of these is the account of Temba Tsheri. Unlike those who had climbed the slopes of Everest before him, Temba was the first to attempt a successful ascent of Everest at the tender age of fifteen. Needless to say, if he been successful he would have undoubtedly gone down in the Guinness Book of records for such an accomplishment. Unfortunately Tsheri ...

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    While so many dream of climbing the world's highest peaks, there are others who would much rather read about it. Even if there are climbers out there getting ready to take on Everest, Annapurna or any of the other great mountains, experts always advise that climbers read some of the interesting and life saving Nepal expedition books available. There is no better way to learn about ...