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  • Himalayas

    The Himalayas, which means "Abode of Snow", is the highest and most continuous mountain range in the world. This awe-inspiring range of mountains has attracted many climbers and explorers over the years and continues to mesmerize people through its immense beauty. Nepal's Himalayas also contain nine of the fourteen highest peaks in the world, which includes the highest peak ever recorded - ...

  • Poon Hill Trek

    If you are visiting Kathmandu for its wonderful display of Hindu temples and Buddhist shrines you would do well to end your trip with a trek. Throughout Nepal there are wonderful treks to take advantage of, but the best are near the Himalayas Mountain range where you will be spoilt with incredible surroundings and sights.

  • Asian Elephant

    The Asian Elephant is the largest of all mammals in Nepal. The Asian elephant's shoulder height can measure from 2.5 to 3 meters, and it can weigh up to 5 metric tonnes. These very intelligent giants have excellent memories and live as long as humans.

  • Tigers

    The tiger is the most written about animal in Asia. Despite this, there is still so much to learn about the behavior and habits of the tiger. An important question we need to ask ourselves is: Why should tigers matter to the human race? Well, let’s see what we know about Tigers.