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    Trade with other countries is an important aspect of Nepal's economy. Nepal's main export items are carpets, clothing, grain, herbal treatments and oils, pashmina and jute goods. The value of exports from Nepal as of 2005 were $822 million f.o.b. (this amount excludes border trade with India that has not been recorded). Due to several factors Nepal's exports have only increased marginally.

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    The stunning Makalu Mountain forms part of the mountain range known as the Himalayas. This isolated peak is regarded as the fifth highest mountain, sitting just fourteen miles to the east of Mount Everest in the Khumbakama Himal region. It has distinct characteristics with its four jagged ridges in a pyramid formation making Makalu all the more formidable and impressive at 8,462 meters in ...

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    Lhotse Mountain makes up one of the eight highest and majestic mountains in the entire world, sitting at a formidable height of 8,516 meters above the sea level. Its most famous heritage is it’s proximity to the most graceful, but most dramatic mountain - Mount Everest. Lhotse is the main summit, but in addition there is Lhotse Middle at a height of 8,414 meters and Lhotse Shar at 8,383 ...

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    Trains Stations

    If you are planning a trip to Nepal soon you will likely be considering different ways to get around the country. There are many different forms of transportation available in Nepal and you will likely find that you will have to use a combination of a few different types in order to get from one destination to the next. There are not many train stations in Nepal but this does not mean that ...