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    The small town of Sankhu lies hidden in the Kathmandu Valley and once was a significant town located on the Tibetan trade route. Today, Sankhu, or Sankharapur, does not have a thriving economy and most inhabitants work on farms or in the trading industry. Even though it does not have the hustle and bright lights of the cities, Sankhu is a favourite tourist destination in Nepal, ...

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    Trekking in Nepal is the ultimate nature experience. Why rush from one attraction to the next when you can slowly take in the amazing beauty of Nepal whilst breathing in the fresh mountain air. Nepal's unique landscape is ideal for hiking. People from all generations will enjoy a Nepalese trekking experience whether a day-walk or a 5-day hike. Numerous companies offer guided trekking in ...

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    Nepal's grandiose mountains, diverse landscape, fascinating history and rich culture attract tourists from around the world. There are many exciting, interesting destinations in Nepal from the Terai lowlands to the impressive Himalayas. Popular Nepalese vacation destinations include cities, National Parks and other wilderness areas. Join us as we investigate some of these appealing ...

  • Religious Sites

    Changu Narayan Temple

    Kathmandu Valley, where you will find the capital of Nepal, is filled with many temples dedicated to the worship of the gods from the Hindu faith. One of these sacred places is called the Changu Narayan temple, considered to be one of the oldest Vishnu temples in Nepal's Kathmandu. The Changu Narayan Temple is dedicated solely to Narayan also known as Lord Vishnu.

  • Religious Sites

    Swayambhunath Temple

    If you enjoy looking to the mystical, magical and religious facets of other cultures, a trip to the Swayambhunath Temple in Nepal is an absolute must. This majestic temple is the oldest of all holy shrines in Kathmandu Valley and it is surrounded by an array of other sacred places of worship. Swayambhunath is also sometimes called the ‘monkey temple’ since numerous monkeys often swarm the ...

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    Phulchowki is one of the highest hills that you can find surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. Standing at a height of 2782 meters it really is a must see especially if you would like to have a spectacular view of the Himalayas mountain range. The synonym Phul from Phulchowki means in Nepalese flower, of which there is a lot here.

  • Trekking

    Annapurna Circuit

    Visitors trekking in Nepal flock to the foothills of the majestic Annapurna mountain range to take on the Annapurna Circuit Trek. The entire mountain range is a variety of breathtaking summits, snow capped peaks, beautiful forests and a historical sites along the way. It is all these amazing features that attracts trekkers and visitors from all over the world to Nepal’s most popular trekking ...

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    The Kathmandu valley is renowned for its abundant temples and shrines visited regularly by both the local people and visitors from abroad. Apart from the religious attractions Kathmandu has a variety of other beautiful places that are of great interest historically within and around the valley. There really is so much to see and experience in the capital of Nepal. The name Kathmandu comes ...

  • Museums

    Pujarimath Museum

    The Pujarimath Museum or 'Pujari Math', as it is more commonly called, was built by Yaksha Malla, a King in the fifteenth century. Yaksha Malla establish many temples and palaces during his lifetime, including the fortress palace of Bhaktapur.

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    Mountain Flights

    Nepal is a beautiful country, diverse in its many habitats ranging to some of the most extreme on the highest mountain ranges in the whole world. For those who have the chance to get away and travel, this is definitely a country to explore in-depth. There is an amazing variety of ways to see the countryside and all depends on the experience you would like to have. Some travelers are pure ...