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    Nepal is known for its great diversity of people, from the many languages spoken to the variety of ethnic groups. This great array of backgrounds has contributed much to the development of literature in Nepal. From poetry to short stories, from essays to novels, Nepal has produced an abundance of literary figures and works worthy of note. Nepal's literature has been written in a variety of ...

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    Nepal has many ethnic groups and language groups are just as abundant. There are more than a hundred languages spoken in Nepal. The chief language of Nepal is Nepali, the other languages are spoken to a larger or lesser degree in specific areas of the country. Due to the extensive number of languages spoken in Nepal we will provide details on just a few after which we will present you with a ...

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    Bronze and Brass Museum

    Standing opposite the National Woodworking Museum of Nepal, which lies within the Pujari Math in Tachapal Tole in Bhaktapur, lies the beautiful Bronze and Brass Museum. This fine Nepali museum is housed within an ancient building, dating back to the 15th century.

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    Nepal is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations to visit. You can enjoy an amazing number of activities and attractions that will leave you with some wonderful memories. Here are some interesting facts regarding the demographics of Nepal.

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    Located in south-central Nepal close to the Nepali-Indian border, the town of Bhairawa, or Bhairahawa, is the gateway to the Buddhist pilgrimage site of Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha Siddhartha Gautama. Even the local airport, Gautam Buddha Airport, is named in the Buddha’s honor. Although the town was renamed Siddharthanagar in honor of the Lord Buddha’s childhood name some time ago, it ...