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    Adventure travel

    Nepal is home to the Himalayas and the world's highest mountain. Rapid rivers flow through the country and wilderness areas abound. Experience the ultimate adventure travel in Nepal. Join us as we explore the various adventure travel options in this fascinating and beautiful country.

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    The Dhaulagiri Mountain is located in the eastern region of Nepal, at the Tibet Border. It was discovered in 1808, and up until that time the Chimborazo Mountain in Ecuador held the position as the world’s highest mountain. Dhaulagiri changed all that, with a summit of 8,201 meters and it is today the 7th highest peak in the world. For thirty years, it was believed that ...

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    Cho Oyu

    Cho Oyu Mountain is known as ‘The Turquoise Goddess’. Her unfailing beauty is seen in her awe inspiring stature as she stands with the mighty Everest above all the surrounding mountains. It is at 8,201 meters, making Cho Oyu the sixth highest mountain out of Nepal’s eight and out of the twelve which exist in the whole world. This gracious mountain lies to the East of Nepal on the border of ...

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    Khumbu Valley

    Nepal is a country greatly diverse in its cultures and heritage and famed for its majestic mountain ranges, six of which make up eight of the highest eight- thousander’s in the world. Today the region has become the ultimate destination for guided tours and treks, catering for the different needs of each climber.

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    Peter Habeler

    Peter Habeler was born in Maryhoven (Austria) on 22 July 1942. If ever there was a mountain climber with natural ability, it was Habeler. By the age of six, Peter Habeler was exploring the mountains, pushing himself a little harder each time. His love for the mountains and the challenge they posed had excited him from an early age. Little did that young adventurous boy know that he would ...

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    Doug Scott

    On 29 May 1941, in Notthingham (England), Douglas Keith Scott was born. Today, he is known as Doug Scott CBE, with the CBE title awarded to him in 1994. Doug’s interest in mountain climbing started at a young age after a school outing took them to the White Hall Outdoor Activities Center. This trip inspired Doug Scott to take to the mountains from the age of 12. He would make 45 trips to the ...