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    Located in the Kapilvastu District, Lumbini Zone of the Western Region of Nepal, the village of Tilaurakot is most likely best known for being the site of the Tilaurakot ruins. It is believed the ruins are the remains of a stronghold of the Kapilvastu/Shakya Kingdom, established by Siddhartha Guatama Buddha’s father, Suddhodana. Excavations carried out in the year 2000 revealed that the ...

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    No matter who you are, you no doubt have a picture in your mind of what Nepal is like. You think you know the people and their surroundings – you may even picture what it's like to look up at the Himalayas. However it is very seldom that such imagined pictures turn out to be a reality. This is especially so when it comes to Nepal. The country is so diverse, so colorful and so incredibly ...

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    Nepal is a beautiful country with many mysterious attractions to be enjoyed. Whether you are more interested in culture, religion or wildlife, you can be sure that there will be a number of attractions in Nepal that appeal to you. As with any country, the attractions may require some physical effort – but that is not to say that everything to be enjoyed in this stunning country necessitates ...

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    Nepal is a very interesting country with a long of history. As the center of the Buddhist faith and the home of Mount Everest, this country has become a sort of pilgrimage point for many people around the world. But just what exactly is the history of Nepal? What is the origin of the many interesting family groups that can be found in this beautiful country? What sort of culture have they ...

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    King Tribhuvan was a highly respected and loved member of the Nepali community. He fought for democracy and equality - efforts for which he is fondly remembered. The Tribhuvan Museum pays tribute to this amazing leader and many Nepalese come here to pay homage to the memory of this noble king and to educate newer generations about his valiant and brave life.

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    Patan Museum

    The Patan Museum can be found located within the beautiful Patan Durbar Square at Keshav Narayan Chowk's residential palace. To get to the museum you first have to enter the Royal Palace grounds, which is where you will find the richly decorated palace complex of Keshav Narayan Chowk. These palaces, situated in the Kathmandu Valley, have for centuries been home to the Malla kings who have ...

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    National Museum

    The National Museum of Nepal started as a museum for weapons and ammunition in the year 1928. Its original name was “Chhauni Silkhana” which, when directly translated, means: “The Stone House of Arms and Ammunitions.” Fortunately the potential and importance of the museum was noted and the museum, which was once only open to guests, became available to the public. In 1967 the museum was ...

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    Hanuman Dhoka

    Upon entering the Hanuman Dhoka Palace Complex you will be greeted by a statue of Hanuman which was erected in 1672. He acts as the guardian of the palace and visitors assist in keeping his face painted red. Lord Narasimha can also be seen near the entrance and is a fascinating sight. The statue, which depicts Narasimha as half lion and half man, is defeating Hiranyakasipu, a known demon. It ...

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    Mahendra Museum

    Together with the Tribhuvan Museum and the Birendra Museum, the Mahendra Museum is located in the Hanuman Dhoka Palace. Here visitors will be able to marvel at the breathtaking architecture and explore the lives of three of Nepal’s Kings. Even though King Mahendra’s father, King Tribhuvan, is remembered for his valiant fight for democracy, Mahendra would leave behind a legacy far ...

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    Pujarimath Museum

    The Pujarimath Museum or 'Pujari Math', as it is more commonly called, was built by Yaksha Malla, a King in the fifteenth century. Yaksha Malla establish many temples and palaces during his lifetime, including the fortress palace of Bhaktapur.