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  • Reinhold Messner

    On 7 September 1944, in Italy, a legendary climber by the name of Reinhold Messner was born. He was one of three children and, even though his father was a very strict disciplinarian who was sometimes extremely hard on his sons, it was his father who introduced him to the mountains and sparked a love for the giants that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

  • Climbers

    Over the years many people have taken up the challenge of scaling the world’s greatest mountains but few have received the level of recognition enjoyed by those who have been the first to conquer some of Nepal’s greatest mountains. Some of these climbers in Nepal have attempted to conquer Mount Everest – the biggest and most challenging of them all. Others have attempted to conquer other ...

  • Peter Habeler

    Peter Habeler was born in Maryhoven (Austria) on 22 July 1942. If ever there was a mountain climber with natural ability, it was Habeler. By the age of six, Peter Habeler was exploring the mountains, pushing himself a little harder each time. His love for the mountains and the challenge they posed had excited him from an early age. Little did that young adventurous boy know that he would ...