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    Nepal's culture is greatly influenced by its music, architecture, religion and literature. Your first sight of Nepal may leave you speechless, the great quantities of temples, churches, monasteries and other religious buildings, the hurly-burly in the streets and the number of people and animals socializing on every corner of the narrow cobble-stone lanes.

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    The small town of Sankhu lies hidden in the Kathmandu Valley and once was a significant town located on the Tibetan trade route. Today, Sankhu, or Sankharapur, does not have a thriving economy and most inhabitants work on farms or in the trading industry. Even though it does not have the hustle and bright lights of the cities, Sankhu is a favourite tourist destination in Nepal, ...

  • Events

    A country of color with a strong sense of heritage and tradition, Nepal definitely has no shortage of festivals and celebrations. In fact, the country of Nepal is known for its almost continuous festivals which are always being held in various locations throughout the country. Some would say that the Nepalese people observe more festivals than there are days in the year as it is seldom that ...

  • Culture


    Nepal is a country of great diversity with 36 ethnic groups, several language groups and many religions. The music of Nepal is just as motley, ranging from folk music to music associated with religious activities, classical music and a collection of contemporary styles. Songs and music videos from Nepal can be downloaded on the Internet and are a great way to immerse yourself in Nepali ...

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    Each year, Nepal sees a dozen or so individuals move to the country from other lands for various reasons. Unlike other emigrations, many of the people who move to Nepal do not do so for business reasons. The vast majority of expatriates in Nepal have moved to the country because of its spiritual qualities and emphasis on family life. Nepal expatriates generally learn a lot about life in ...

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    Nepal is primarily a Hindu country with some 90% of the population claiming to adhere to the faith. However, members of the Buddhist faith are often so closely linked to those of the Hindu faith that it can be difficult to tell them apart. Thus in Nepal, religion serves to bind many people together instead of having the dividing effect that can be seen in so many other countries with ...

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    No matter who you are, you no doubt have a picture in your mind of what Nepal is like. You think you know the people and their surroundings – you may even picture what it's like to look up at the Himalayas. However it is very seldom that such imagined pictures turn out to be a reality. This is especially so when it comes to Nepal. The country is so diverse, so colorful and so incredibly ...

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    Religious Sites

    Anyone planning to visit Nepal will no doubt have ideas of exploring local customs and religions. For many, Nepal is the center of certain Buddhist philosophies and teachings and they aim to either explore this religion more fully or to adopt certain teachings themselves. Whether that is your goal or not, you will certainly find an abundance of religious sites in Nepal such as temples, ...

  • Wildlife

    Asian Elephant

    The Asian Elephant is the largest of all mammals in Nepal. The Asian elephant's shoulder height can measure from 2.5 to 3 meters, and it can weigh up to 5 metric tonnes. These very intelligent giants have excellent memories and live as long as humans.