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  • Parsa Wildlife Reserve

    The uninterrupted range of the Churiya hills dominates the landscape of the Parsa Wildlife Reserve providing an interesting composition to the park as a whole. It was during the early 1980’s that a large amount of this natural reserve was established and now stands at approximately 499 square kilometers. To a great extent much of the Parsa reserve cuts into four particular areas, which ...

  • Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

    Nepal is a beautiful country inhabiting an amazing array of Wildlife Reserves and National Parks hidden amongst the many majestic mountains of the Himalayan range. It is here that you will also find the only hunting reserve set aside by the Government of Nepal.

  • Suklaphanta Reserve

    The Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve was established in 1969 as a hunting reserve covering a relatively limited area of just 155 kilometers squared. Some years later though, in the early 1980s, this increased and now extends to just over 300 square kilometers, made up mostly grassland habitat. It is within the Southern part of the extreme west of Nepal in the district of Kanchanpur that you will ...

  • Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

    The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve first came about in 1976, when it became apparent that there was a great need to protect the beautiful but rare water buffalo, resident of the waters along the eastern border of Bangladesh. Later in 1987 it was declared a Ramsar site.