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    The Himalayas, which means "Abode of Snow", is the highest and most continuous mountain range in the world. This awe-inspiring range of mountains has attracted many climbers and explorers over the years and continues to mesmerize people through its immense beauty. Nepal's Himalayas also contain nine of the fourteen highest peaks in the world, which includes the highest peak ever recorded - ...

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    Located within the district of Makawanpur and the area zone of Narayani lies a small town by the name of Hetauda, which is based in the center of Nepal. Some feel that the town is in that specific location due to the meeting points of two of the most influential highways: Tribhuwan Rajpath and the East-West Highway. Just a hundred and thirty-two kilometers away from here you will find the ...

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    Panauti is a quaint and interesting destination in Nepal. It feels as if it has been left exactly the way the founders had built the town. A nostalgic atmosphere covers the narrow town streets and ancient structures. It is known as a Newari town that is located near the Roshi Khola and Pungamati rivers. Panauti can easily be reached from Kathmandu, which is 32 kilometers from ...