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    Namache Bazaar

    Just because Namche Bazaar is referred to as a village, it is a destination in Nepal that should not be underestimated. The permanent resident population is under two thousand people, but as Namche Bazaar is a significant trading post and gateway to the Himalayas, it is a village that is always bustling with business and foreign tourists. Endless numbers of trekking enthusiasts eventually ...

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    Located around 18 kilometers north of the border between India and Nepal, the town of Rajbiraj is the administrative headquarters of both the Saptari District and the Sagarmatha Zone in Eastern Region of Nepal. Rajbiraj has an airfield which receives domestic flights from Kathmandu and the town is connected to the highway crossing the fertile Terai region of Nepal, referred to as the ...

  • Attractions

    National Parks

    There are a great number of National Parks in Nepal which are definitely worth a visit. The country has an abundance of wildlife which will appeal to all – snow leopards, Indian rhinoceros, barking deer, bears and tigers – and that's not all! Many a Nepali legend has incorporated these stunning creatures, and life in Nepal would not be quite the same without them. The best way to view ...

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    No matter who you are, you no doubt have a picture in your mind of what Nepal is like. You think you know the people and their surroundings – you may even picture what it's like to look up at the Himalayas. However it is very seldom that such imagined pictures turn out to be a reality. This is especially so when it comes to Nepal. The country is so diverse, so colorful and so incredibly ...

  • Trekking

    Khumbu Valley

    Nepal is a country greatly diverse in its cultures and heritage and famed for its majestic mountain ranges, six of which make up eight of the highest eight- thousander’s in the world. Today the region has become the ultimate destination for guided tours and treks, catering for the different needs of each climber.

  • National Parks

    Sagarmatha National Park

    For stunning beauty and tranquility, come and visit a world heritage site that is truly unforgettable. Sagarmatha National Park is spectacular to say the least. You will not be disappointed by the surroundings of the national Park as it is situated in the eastern part of Nepal near to the Himalayas and the southern half of Mount Everest.