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  • Places of Interest

    Gorkha Royal Palace

    It was said, that if anyone was seeking justice, no ruler was as fair and just as the King of Gorkha. The Gorkha kingdom was established in the year 1560, by the legendary King Drabya Shah. From the year 1604 to 1641, the Shah dynasty would become famous and rule over Gorkha. Today, the reminders of this era stand proudly in the form of the Gorkha Royal Palace, the Gorkha Bazaar ...

  • History of Nepal

    Gorkha Rule and Shah Dynasty

    Nepal was a divided country throughout the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, and it was through the Gorkha rule and the Shah Dynasty, that Nepal became united. The Gorkhas were known to be a cruel and aggressive dynasty in the ancient times and they only ruled a few regions within Nepal with fear and terror. It wasn’t until King Prithvi Natayan Shah the Great became the driving ...