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  • Imja Tse

    The Imja Tse Mountain is also known as "Island Peak" and is located near the base camp of Mount Everest. Even though it is not the highest peak compared to the other mountains in Nepal, with a height of 6,183 meters, it is a very challenging climb. Eric Shipton and his expedition looked down on the mountain from Dingboche in 1952 and named the mountain Island Peak, as it ...

  • Langtang Valley

    Near Kathmandu, lies the majestic Langtang Valley. It is a region that is known for its beauty, spectacular views and diverse ranges of landscape. Langtang Valley adds a piece of wonder to trekking in Nepal and the Langtang Valley Trek is not just recommended as a natural adventure but as a cultural expedition. The mountains of Nepal are amongst the most spectacular natural wonders of the world.

  • George Leigh Mallory

    George Leigh Mallory was a man of great ambition. This he proved time and time again through his many climbing expeditions, including three of the first attempts in the early 1920’s through the uncharted range of Mount Everest.

  • South Pillar Route

    Your adrenaline pumps as the cold wind brushes your face. You have to pinch yourself, if you can get beneath all those layers of clothing, knowing this is a dream you’ve been preparing yourself for most of your life. Here it is towering in front of you – Everest! Nothing will ever compensate for the emotions and feelings you experience as you ascend slowly to the top of the summit.