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  • Famous people

    Nepal is the birthplace of many notable individuals who have contributed or had an influence on either their country or on the world. Famous people from Nepal include religious icons, literary geniuses, mountaineers and political rulers. Among Nepal's most famous people are the Sherpas, collectively renowned for their great mountaineering skills. Another famous group are the Nepalese ...

  • Nawang Gombu

    Over the years a large number of Sherpas have been instrumental helping others to achieve successful ascents of the mighty Mount Everest. One such person is Nawang Gombu, a Sherpa mountaineer born in 1936 in the beautiful village of Minzu, Tibet.

  • Ming Kipa

    An amazing young lady, Ming Kipa is the youngest person to reach the summit of Mount Everest. She was only fifteen at the time of her groundbreaking achievement.

  • Tenzing Norgay

    Tenzing Norgay was an absolutely amazing historical figure. He was a man who was completely dedicated and committed to reaching his ultimate dream. His life has been an incredibly journey that will only be briefly touched on in this short article.

  • Babu Chiri

    It was in 1965 that one of the most legendary climbers of all time, Babu Chiri (also spelled Babu Chhiri), was born among the Himalayan Mountains. As a young child living in the isolated village of Taksindu, much time was spent assisting his parents with the daily routine of farm life common to all children living in that area.

  • Sherpas

    Many of us tend to think of Sherpas as a group of specialized porters, but they are in reality one of the ethnic groups of peoples that can be found in the beautiful mountainous regions of Nepal. Geographically speaking Sherpas are generally found in the high, eastern regions of the Himalayas and some 3,000 Sherpas can be found in the Khumbu valley near Mount Everest. There are well over ...

  • Temba Tsheri

    Everest has many stories to tell and one of these is the account of Temba Tsheri. Unlike those who had climbed the slopes of Everest before him, Temba was the first to attempt a successful ascent of Everest at the tender age of fifteen. Needless to say, if he been successful he would have undoubtedly gone down in the Guinness Book of records for such an accomplishment. Unfortunately Tsheri ...

  • Pemba Dorje

    Living among some of the most magnificent mountains in Nepal is a small group of people called the Sherpa. For over five hundred years, the Sherpas have made the Himalayan Mountain range their home and are well accustomed to the harsh terrain that they live in. The Sherpas are highly regarded for their physical endurance and their expertise in mountain climbing, and are an essential element ...

  • Appa Sherpa

    Lhakpa Tenzing comes from Thame which is a village high up in the Himalayan Mountains that is situated near to Mount Everest. He is part of an ethnic group of people called Sherpas who make their home in territory where not much else exists. In fact most other people would only enter this area if they had their mountain climbing gear with them.