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    When one considers a place as seemingly remote as Nepal, you would hardly imagine that it has a long history of theater. To most westerners the concept of theater goes hand in hand with ornate buildings and large, complex stages. And yet, Nepal has been involved in theater in one form or another for well over two millenniums. Unlike with western theater, theatrical performances have ...

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    Gurukul School of Theatre

    The Gurukul School of Theatre was established by the Aarohan Theatre Group in the year 2002. Gurukul originates from an old traditional way of education. Students or scholars that attended the Gurukul would live on the premises, be educated by the guru and take care of the school. They would be responsible for the cleaning, cooking, taking care of the guru and collecting items that ...

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    Aarohan Theatre Group

    The Aarohan Theatre Group has been in existence for more than twenty years, being established in the year 1982. It is known as a theatre group that embraces all the cultures, religions and rituals of Nepal, trying to empower the communities and even educate them on important events and topics that influences their daily lives. Aarohan works for the people of Nepal, and in the year ...