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    Nepalese cuisine is quite simple and has had many influences during its development. As with most things in Nepal, the cuisine varies according to ethnic groups and castes, depending on ingredients available and affordable. Indian, Chinese and Tibetan flavors and aromas can easily be detected in Nepalese meals although Nepal's cuisine maintains its own flare. Nepal's climate has made it ...

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    Wedding Customs

    Wedding customs in Nepal vary according to ethnic groups and castes. Traditionally Nepalese marriages are arranged, a deal between two sets of parent. In some cases the boy and his family will come to visit the girl and her family where they strike a deal. If they cannot agree then the boy's family will seek another girl for him to marry. However, in the modern age, this particular custom ...

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    Mustang Trek

    Nepal is a beautiful country filled with so much history and tradition, a lot of which is linked to the Hindu and Buddhist religion. Mustang is one of the regions that make up Nepal and the local people often call it "The Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal" - a name which is quite apt for the region. Mustang is located in the middle of the Himalayas mountain range making it quite a harsh and barren ...