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    Trade with other countries is an important aspect of Nepal's economy. Nepal's main export items are carpets, clothing, grain, herbal treatments and oils, pashmina and jute goods. The value of exports from Nepal as of 2005 were $822 million f.o.b. (this amount excludes border trade with India that has not been recorded). Due to several factors Nepal's exports have only increased marginally.

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    Jumla Airport

    If you are thinking of traveling to Jumla the next time you visit Nepal, you should definitely investigate the option of flying to Jumla Airport. Flying is a quick, safe and convenient form of alternative transport in Nepal. In fact, air transport is probably the only way to gain access to Jumla since the area is still not connected to the national road network. Flying also gives travelers ...

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    Not many visitors to Nepal will take the time to visit the mid-sized town of Nepalgunj. Located near the country’s southern border, Nepalgunj in Nepal is a great place to stop on the way to India. As one of the bigger towns in the Bheri Zone, it serves as a major transport hub for many of the western regions of Nepal. The town is located at a low elevation of approximately 150 meters (492.1 ...