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    Namache Bazaar

    Just because Namche Bazaar is referred to as a village, it is a destination in Nepal that should not be underestimated. The permanent resident population is under two thousand people, but as Namche Bazaar is a significant trading post and gateway to the Himalayas, it is a village that is always bustling with business and foreign tourists. Endless numbers of trekking enthusiasts eventually ...

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    Not many people realize that just a few miles outside of Kathmandu lies a beautiful village named Daman. As with most destinations in Nepal, it is located in a region that is surrounded with natural splendor and characteristics that are unique to the village. This secluded village does not have much to offer in regard to late night restaurants, cafés and nightlife, but opens a ...

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    Because it is not easily reached by road or by air, not many people choose to visit Bungamati in Nepal. However, that does not mean that it is not worth visiting. Quite on the contrary: Bungamati’s lack of easy access to the rest of Nepal has spared it from a lot of the development and cultural degradation that has occurred in some larger cities. The village is only about 10 kilometers south ...