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    Mount Everest is one of the greatest attractions in Nepal, and surrounding this magnificent human challenge, small villages and towns lie scattered across the landscape to provide accommodation and rest to weary travelers and hiking enthusiasts. In the Arghakhanchi District of Nepal, there is a quaint town in the Lumbini Zone, which combines functionality with beauty, to create a wonderful ...

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    The quaint and quiet town of Dhankuta, is located approximately fifty kilometers from the city of Dharan. It does not have the exciting attractions and thrilling activities other towns and cities might have to offer, but what it lacks in breathtaking architecture, it makes up for in magnificent wildlife and spectacular hiking trails. Nature lovers will find Dhankuta to be a natural gem and ...

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    Eco tourism

    Massive mountains, rolling hills, abundant vegetation and diverse wildlife – it is little wonder that Nepal is a popular tourist destination and the ideal location for ecotourism. Ecotourism in Nepal is the main form of tourism in the country aside from the attractions of Kathmandu and other historical cities. From wildlife viewing, to wilderness camps, hiking vacations and white-water ...

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    Nepal is home to a wide variety of beautiful animals – many of which it shares with India. Visitors who spend some time near the edge of a forest or who go trekking through low-lying areas and valleys may be able to sight quite a few of these lovely creatures. If you do not enjoy trekking, you can usually organize a safari ride through one of the many national parks in Nepal which will ...

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    Snow Leopard

    Nepal has an estimated population of 350-500 snow leopards in the wild. This is approximately a tenth of the world’s population. The vast and wild terrain and the animal’s elusive nature make spotting difficult. Though snow leopard treks are organized regularly, spotting one is difficult and extremely rare. If you take a snow leopard trek, just enjoy it for the sheer magnificence and beauty ...

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    Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world; in third place at 28,169 feet or 8,586 meters is Kanchenjunga (or Kangchenjunga), which means "The five Treasures of Snows". A number of climbers and hikers have had the privilege to explore and climb the mountain peaks where they are dazzled by the picturesque views surrounding them from different viewing points. Of all the mountain ranges ...

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    Nepal has gained fame and popularity for its mountains, to be specific the Himalayas. It is home to the greatest mountain climbing extravaganza in the world. Here, climbers and trekkers can choose from 238 mountains that are above 6 000 meters in height and eight of the fourteen mountain peaks in the world, over 8 000. These monster mountains of Nepal are Mount Everest ...

  • National Parks

    Parsa Wildlife Reserve

    The uninterrupted range of the Churiya hills dominates the landscape of the Parsa Wildlife Reserve providing an interesting composition to the park as a whole. It was during the early 1980’s that a large amount of this natural reserve was established and now stands at approximately 499 square kilometers. To a great extent much of the Parsa reserve cuts into four particular areas, which ...

  • National Parks

    Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

    Nepal is a beautiful country inhabiting an amazing array of Wildlife Reserves and National Parks hidden amongst the many majestic mountains of the Himalayan range. It is here that you will also find the only hunting reserve set aside by the Government of Nepal.

  • National Parks

    Suklaphanta Reserve

    The Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve was established in 1969 as a hunting reserve covering a relatively limited area of just 155 kilometers squared. Some years later though, in the early 1980s, this increased and now extends to just over 300 square kilometers, made up mostly grassland habitat. It is within the Southern part of the extreme west of Nepal in the district of Kanchanpur that you will ...