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    Nepal is a very interesting country with a long of history. As the center of the Buddhist faith and the home of Mount Everest, this country has become a sort of pilgrimage point for many people around the world. But just what exactly is the history of Nepal? What is the origin of the many interesting family groups that can be found in this beautiful country? What sort of culture have they ...

  • National Woodworking Museum

    The ancient Pujari Math building was built during the 15th century by the Malla King known as ‘Yaksha Malla’ and it is only till recently that this intricate building was restored to its former glory. Nonetheless, like in most cases, the building is said to have been the home of a Hindu priest. This ancient structure, however, houses one of the most well known National Woodworking Museums. ...

  • Bronze and Brass Museum

    Standing opposite the National Woodworking Museum of Nepal, which lies within the Pujari Math in Tachapal Tole in Bhaktapur, lies the beautiful Bronze and Brass Museum. This fine Nepali museum is housed within an ancient building, dating back to the 15th century.