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There are some 35 airports in Nepal. Only 10 have paved runways and even fewer are able to receive large aircraft. Still, the country is well-covered by quite an extensive network of smaller airports which can be easily chartered. Nepal airport officials are usually friendly and helpful but may not be able to speak English so if you are planning to pilot yourself to the country, make sure authorities know about it way ahead of your arrival date when you fly into Nepal.

The only airport with a customs procedure is Tribhuyan International in Kathmandu. There are officially published approach procedures for Bhairahawa airport, Biratnagar airport, Nepalguni airport and, of course, Tribhuyan International. We have listed all 35 airports below to help you with your travel arrangements. Keep in mind that there may be a few more Nepal airports that are not listed here. Once you have decided where you’re going, why not use our ‘Flights to Nepal‘ page to help you book your ticket?





BaglungBaglungCivilianUnpaved 2000 ft
BaitadiBaitadiCivilianUnpaved 1600 ft
BaihangBaihangCivilianUnpaved 2100 ft
BajuraBajuraCivilianUnpaved 1800 ft
BhairahawaBhairahawaCivilianPaved 5000 ft
BharatpurBharatpurCivilianUnpaved 3800 ft
BhojpurBhojpurCivilianUnpaved1700 ft
BiratnagarBiratnagarCivilianPaved 5000 ft
ChandragadhiChandragadhiCivilianpaved 5000 ft
DangDang CivilianUnpaved 2700 ft
DarchulaDarchulaCivilianUnpaved 1900 ft
DhangadhiDhangadhiCivilianUnpaved 5000 ft
DolpaDolpaCivilianUnpaved 1500 ft
DotiDotiCivilianUnpaved 1400 ft
GorkhaGorkhaCivilianUnpaved 3600 ft
JanakpurJanakpurCivilianPaved 3300 ft
JomsomJomsomCivilianUnpaved 2000 ft
JumlaJumlaCivilianUnpaved 2200 ft
Tribhuyan InternationalKathmanduCivilianPaved10000 ft
LamidadaLamidadaCivilianUnpaved 1700 ft
LuklaLuklaCivilianAsphalt 1600 ft
MahendranagarMahendranagarCivilianUnpaved 2900 ft
ManangManangPrivateUnpaved 2000 ft
MeghauliMeghauliCivilianUnpaved 3500 ft
NepalguniNepalguniCivilianPaved 5000 ft
PokharaPokharaCivilianPaved 4700 ft
RajbirajRajbirajCivilianUnpaved 4200 ft
RamechhapRamechhapCivilianUnpaved 1700 ft
RukumkotRukumkotCivilianUnpaved 1500 ft
RumjatarRumjatarCivilianUnpaved 1800 ft
SanfebagarSanfebagarCivilianUnpaved 1400 ft
SimaraSimaraCivilianUnpaved 4000 ft
SimikotSimikotCivilianUnpaved 1800 ft
SurkhetSurkhetCivilianUnpaved 3400 ft
TumlingtarTumlingtarCivilianUnpaved 4000 ft