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Now that you’ve decided to make Nepal your next tourist destination, you may as well start looking around for discount flights to Nepal. There are a large number of airlines which operate flights to and from the country on a regular basis which will be able to assist you in finding a flight to Nepal. There are some 35 airports in Nepal in various places and conditions. Some are accessible to the public whilst others aren’t. Often times it may work out cheaper to get a flight to one of the larger airports and to travel by road to your destination than to fly to one of the many smaller towns in an effort to shorten the length of your journey. Whatever option you choose, if you’re on a budget make sure that you look around before buying your tickets!

Sometimes the best thing to do is to start your planning long before you plan to jet off into the Nepali sunset. Oftentimes airline companies will offer great discount rates at certain times of the year. These should definitely be considered if they fit in with your plans as they can save you a bundle of money. Another good idea is that of looking around and comparing prices between the various airlines. Nepal currency may not be very strong against your local currency, but the more money you save on travel arrangements, the more you get to spend on yourself and on relatives and friends whilst visiting this spectacular country.

So get busy comparing the various prices for discount flights to Nepal now. You may well be surprised by what you find!

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