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It is the responsibility of the Embassy of India in Nepal to maintain and strengthen the existing relations between India and Nepal. India and Nepal have had a long-standing relationship since the 1950 signing of the Treaty and Peace Agreement. It is a relationship that has been able to withstand political changes and economic difficulties.

The Indian Embassy in Nepal has been significant in the economy of Nepal, by promoting foreign investments, projects and business opportunities. India has also played a vital role in irrigation projects and assisting with establishing a stable infrastructure within Nepal. They are also responsible for providing Consular Services to citizens of India and tourists to Nepal.

Visa and passport applications can be done at the Indian Embassy in Nepal and visitors from Nepal can also apply for visas into India at the embassy. Tourist visas are valid from the date of issue, for six months and cannot be converted or extended. Transit visas cannot be used for tourism or visiting in India. Student visas, long-term visas and other visas can also be applied for at the India Embassy. Repeated applications for tourist visas will be turned away. Gratis Visas are available for nationals from Bangladesh, Mongolia, San Merino, South Africa, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Namibia, Poland, Hungary, Uruguay and Argentina. The Indian Embassy can also be contacted in regard to travel information in Nepal, destination information, safety updates on regions, emergency assistance and inquiries regarding the law and customs in the country.

The India Embassy in Nepal works closely with the Nepali government on many local projects such as the Welfare for Indian Armed Forces Ex-Servicemen in Nepal, general welfare issues, education, road maintenance and improvements such as bridges, pensions, medicine and research. It is the interest in the same goals that strengthen the ties between the countries and foresee a long future together. Indian citizens should not hesitate to contact the India Embassy in regard to any concerns or queries they might have. The Indian Embassy in Nepal is dedicated to service delivery to their countrymen and to keep on improving relations between India and Nepal.

Indian Embassy
PO Box No. 292, Lainchaur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone: (+977 1) 410 900 or 423 006 Fax: (+977 1) 413 132 or 428 279
E-mail: [email protected]

Please Note: Contact details are subject to changes

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