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If ever you had to book a tour in a foreign country, Nepal would be the place to go. Filled with stunning artwork, strong cultural influences, deep religious beliefs, interesting people and beautiful wildlife, there is little more that you could want from a tourist destination. There are a great many tours in Nepal which you can book for with any of the tour operators in Nepal. Nepal's tours are often varied and can be customized to suit the requirements of an individual or group.

The most common and popular tours in Nepal are those which give the tourist a basic tour of the country. A short stop is made at each major town or city and time is spent at the many beautiful sights and attractions before the group makes it’s way to the markets to haggle for souvenirs. Then there are the more extreme ‘adventure tours’ which may feature a number of adventure sports or a few basic trekking options. Trekking is one of the best ways to explore the country as it sets a pace which is not unlike that enjoyed by the locals. Instead of breezing through and scarcely getting a glimpse of all the beautiful sights in the country, the tourist can take his time, meet the locals and see animals along the way. You might also enjoy a tour of one of the many National Parks in the country as this is usually the best way to see wildlife.

Elephant safaris, mountaineering, and biking tours are also popular. Hot air balloon tours are fast becoming the ultimate way to experience the ruggedness of the Himalayas without the physical effort of climbing them. Whatever sort of tour you had in mind, why not contact a tour operator in Nepal today and organize your tour of Nepal today? One of the best ways to see a country is with the guidance of those in the know.

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