[24 Hours Project] Vol. 21 Little Corn Island, Nicaragua 122809-01042010

About [24 Hours Project] : 日本語:http://www.uarok.com/24hoursproject/ English: http://uarok.com/24hoursproject_eng/index.html Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/24-Hours-Project/327616447346 ==================== 21st clip of my 24 hours project! About my 24 hours project, please read: http://uarok.com/24hoursproject_eng/index.html Year 2010 started in Little Corn island. The island has no cars or traffic light. Only one paved road. Very chill and relaxed place. Soooo beautiful. Things are cheap and food is excellent. I highly recommend corn islands if you are visiting Nicaragua. You can smell the touch of Jamaica out in Caribbean sea. I hope you enjoy the clip. http://uarok.com Kaoru