A Day In The Life of Puma, Nepal, a Remote Village in the Himalayan Mountains

High in the Himalayan Mountains in northern Nepal, the tiny village of Puma occasionally hosts guests in a home stay program. These few fortunate visitors witness an unspoiled, sustainable lifestyle. Residents grow most of their own food, build their simple homes from locally available materials, and work together as a community in all tasks. Since the village is two hours away from the nearest city over incredibly rough roads that can only be navigated in a four-wheel drive vehicle, by necessity much of their economy is based on the barter system. Their life is simple but hard, as shown in this video that captures a day in the life of Puma, but despite the hardships Puma residents are happy and loving people who value friends and family above all else. To read more about my round-the-world travels, visit my blog, https://holeinthedonut.com