Angling The Himalayan Golden Mahaseer

A GAURAVMAN SHERCHAN FILM / WWW.GAURAVMAN.COM Mahseer in local words is a combination of two words, mah (big) and seer (head) as it is known to be among the toughest among fresh water sport fish that courageously ascends the tough Himalayan rivers and streams. The Golden Mahseer was immortalized by Jim Corbett, the hunter-turned-conservationist, in his classic work 'Man Eaters of Kumaon'. In the chapter titled 'The Fish of My Dreams', Corbett describes watching a shoal of Mahseer in a deep pool and casting his lure in front of the biggest fish. The specimen he landed weighed a whopping 22 kg probably around five feet long. Sadly, those days are long gone. The angling catch and release holiday takes you to the 40km Babai river in Western Nepal within the Bardia National Park. The wild and water life in the area has been preciously guarded by the Government of Nepal allowing you a guaranteed catch of the precious Golden Mahseer over a four day rafting adventure amidst the deep jungles as you watch wild elephants, deer's, a wide variety of birds and the river crocodiles at such proximities that is bound to take your breath away. Camping with the local anglers and guides sharing stories from the Himalayan waters and your fishing experiences in other challenging waters by the camp fire as wild animals lurk very close by is a memorable experience.