Annapurna Base Camp (Annapurna Sanctuary)

360 degree panorama from Annapurna Base Camp, November 2011. Snow-capped peaks meet a deep blue sky in this 360° panorama I took at Annapurna Base Camp in the Annapurna Sanctuary in Nepal. Nothing fancy, just an awe-inspiring view of this 8,091-metre beast! Annapurna, the second peak (or great wall) you see in the video, is the tenth highest peak in the world and was the first 8,000 metre peak to be climbed. According to Wikipedia, the Annapurna Range is also home to thirteen additional peaks over 7,000 feet and sixteen more 6,000-ers. The story of the first ascent of this peak is captured in Maurice Herzog's ​Annapurna​, one of the best-selling and most influential mountaineering books of all time.