Annapurna Way

Elena & Mario in another travel to The Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal. We take in the extraordinary sights of Kathmandu's Hindu and Buddhist temples and bustling bazaars. Flying to Pokhara, we go across a network of picturesque winding trails that are often hand-built stone staircases, ascending through the Modi Khola Valley to the handsome Gurung village, its ochre-washed houses and slate-paved courtyards. The Gurungs are known for their unique fusion of Hindu and Buddhist cultures and their generations of service in Britain's legendary Gurkha regiments. The range rises a short distance north of Pokhara. Sarangkot hill is very popular site for its sunset and sunrise view on the Annapurna Mountain Ranges. We start our trip early morning around 5 a.m to Sarangkot and view the sunrise from the hilltop.