Asthma Attack #1

Because a bandh (strike) was enforced the day I was supposed to go with my guide to the farmhouse, we had to take some mountain bikes to get there rather than a motor vehicle. The day we rode around ended up being extremely dusty and polluted. I have had asthma all my life and on this day it would affect my plans once again. The night before this was filmed, my lungs closed while I was in the tent, on the other side of the river where Trisuli is located. I didn't want to die so I forced myself to trek up the hill to the steel bridge that crosses the river to Trisuli. Rather than it taking me around 5 minutes on any normal day, it took me over 20 minutes to cross the bridge and get help. Apparently I collapsed by the time I got to the other side and a local had carried me to where my guide and the other employees were hanging out. I was later taken to the hospital of which that trip is another story in itself.