Boudhanath – Kathmandu, Nepal - Created at TripWow by TravelPod Attractions (a TripAdvisor™ company) Boudhanath Kathmandu This legendary shrine built in the form of the Buddhist mandala symbol contains architectural elements representing the five elements. Read more at: Travel blogs from Boudhanath: - "... We also visited Boudhanath one of the holiest Buddhist sites in all of Nepal, it contained the largest ancient stupa in the whole of the world, and if you don't ..." - "... We all walked enmasse to the one main landmark I still hadn't seen, Boudhanath Stupa, the largest such shrine outside of Tibet and home to the world's largest Tibetan refugee community ..." - "... From there we headed out of the main city to Boudhanath, the biggest Stupa in Nepal - it really is beautiful - a huge stupa rising out of the city with colourful flags hanging all ..." - "... A short walk in the rain later, I arrived at Boudhanath, an immense stupa, a manifest mandala of Kalachakra, surrounded by another vibrant Tibetan community ..." - "... Yesterday we went to the Ghats where the bodies are cremated and we also visited the Tibetan Boudhanath Stupa ..." - "... 15am this morning to walk to Boudhanath with Sumit ..." Read these blogs and more at: Photos from: - Kathmandu, Nepal Photos in this video: - "A prayer wheel at Boudhanath Stupa" by Olefrog from a blog titled "There's a little green frog north of Kathmandu" - "Boudhanath Stupa - KTM" by Bennyandmax from a blog titled "In and Around Kathmandu" - "The Boudhanath Stupa" by Nomadic-brands from a blog titled "Last two days in Kathmandu" - "Boudhanath, part I" by Lraleigh from a blog titled "Tales of Three Cities" - "Boudhanath plaza" by Robyn.stevens from a blog titled "Ahhhhh Boudhanath......." - "Boudhanath Stupa" by Olefrog from a blog titled "There's a little green frog north of Kathmandu" - "Boudhanath 2" by Vivipaul from a blog titled "Kulturschock Kathmandu" - "Boudhanath" by Mend1677 from a blog titled "Kathmandu valley" - "Boudhanath" by Steff_lin from a blog titled "Back in Kathmandu"