Buddhist monestary in Nepal celebrates monks’ return

The Tibetan refugee village of Tashi Palkhel, near Pokhara, Nepal, turned out in style to welcome home 16 monks who had spent three years and three months on a meditation retreat on the mountain. They lined the street and waved flags while the remaining monks from the Jangchub monastery played music on drums, cymbals and horns to welcome the group home. Afterwards everyone filed down to the monastery to greet the monks in person with silk scarfs. And everyone who came got a free lunch - even we tourists. A very exciting day.My partner Maja and I are currently travelling the world with our two kids, Aron and Ariel. Ariel has just become possibly the youngest child to trek unassisted to ABC at just over 5 years of age. But they are both heroes, of course.See our travel blog at: http://myfamilyandotherglobetrotters.blogspot.com/