Bungee Jumping/Canyon Swing -The Last Resort .lexlimbu

It was the most exciting thing ever. I suggest you all to do canyon swing as its better than bungeeing since theres a long freefall time and when your swinging like Taarzan you can see all the green surrounding you and its an amazing feeling being surrounded by everything natural. Also if any of you are planning to go for an overnight trip at TLR then go for the High Ropes activity, a minimum of 6 if required but its a complete group task with climbing the trees and balancing on a rope. Even the unfittest can manage to do it. The Bungee Jump is actually from the third highest place in the world whilst the canyon swing is the fastest in the world. Amazing? Truly. Nepal Tourism Year - 2011 Aim - To get 1 Million tourists in One Year. Lets Make it a success, encourage others. Talk about what Nepal has to offer, but firstly go out there and experience Nepal's beauty. VISIT NEPAL 2011 - Lets Make It Happen http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/VISIT-NEPAL-2011-Lets-Make-It-Happen/188989715950?ref=ts lexlimbu http://lexlimbu.com