bungy jump in nepal.flv

8th jan 2012 was highlighted date for Bungy Jump... Surely this is one of the MOST AWESOME experiences of my life. We planned to go for Bungee Jump in Nepal and were super excited from the day we planned it. J Every single moment I used to think how high would 160m actually be? And, I just couldn't imagine. We reached Nepal and visited The Last Resort sales office then registered for the jump the very first day. I will not be wrong if I say, from the moment we stepped into their office till the moment we completed the jump and got our videos back here in India, they just kept proving that 'yes, The Last Resort is the best place and we are in safe hands'. We were provided with transportation from our hotels to the venue. Throughout the journey all we were doing was looking down in the valley and imagining how much the height would be. Our instructor used to say..."Don't worry, you'll find out soon!! :J". There was a complete mixture of excitement and fear before we reached the bridge...and then it was all EXCITEMENT. Wow what a beautiful place to jump fromJ. We were given proper instructions and all safety measures were taken. Now, I was the next person to jump. The video guy asked 'what's up Pankaj'...and I was all blank. :) I crossed the bar and stood on the edge of the bridge... Not looking down...Not thinking of anything. Just making me believes that I could have faith in the arrangement and the Bungy master said 3...2...1... Bungyyy..... and of course I JUMPED!! Wow!! I just can't explain the feeling after that. It was really an experience of a lifetime. Saying the word 'FREE-FALL' and actually experiencing it are two completely different things. I would love to do it again... Rather this time I would go for the Canyon Swing, which is world highest. Hey, next jumpers do take the videos they shoot because they are awesomely and shot. Whenever I watch my video, I have goose bumps. Thanks a lot to The Last Resort team. You guys ROCK!!