Chautara is a small town and district headquarter of Sindhupalchok in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 3734 and had 782 houses into this town. Chautara is town of multi culture and ethnic people. All people from Sindhupalchok come here for government official purpose, business purpose and Chautara is town of small grocery shop;s where small villages people close by usually do visit. Chautara is joyful as ever day almost 3000plus people do make their journey every day. Chautara is close with China Tibet border and Melamchi hydropower. Bus services available every day and each hour from Chautara to kathmandu so to daily bus services to Barabise Tatopani to the China Tibet border side and Melamchi. Chautara is government administrative zone of Sindhupalchok district. It's also EASY route to langtang himalaya trekking range. Every year Hindu pilgrimage around Nepal, India make visit Langtang Ggosainkunda. For trekking Langtang himalayan range is popular among adventure people around world. Alas and khalas ! Chautara Sindhupalchok 25.4.2015 hit by 7.8 magnitude earthquake and severely damage. Almost in Sindhupalchok district including Melamchi Barabise and surrounding 4000plus people have been dead. A big loss. I was lucky to have video of this romantic past. I hope this place will be much better in future and place to visit, let's say a sound place to be in. To the people of Sindhupalchok i suggest to be strong and don't be sad in hard time tomorrow is better with our grate effort and way of moving future towards. By: