China, Nepal, and India journey 2012

This is a documentary of our 17 day adventure to China, Nepal and India. During our journey we visited Beijing, The Great Wall, Shangri-La, Deqing, Meli Snow Mountains, Mingyong Glacier, Lijiang, Kathmandu, a Mount Everest fly by, Bakatabur, Nagarkot and Delhi. We saw many awesome and beautiful places. I hope that you viewing this video will bring you to visit this part of the world.I would also like to thank the musicians who created the music and lyrics I used in the video. I mean no disrespect for using their music. This world would be a quiet place without music.Songs by Moonlight & Gold -- Gerry Rafferty Hold on Tight -- ELO Come Home -- Chappo All That I know -- Collective Soul Penny on the Train Track -- Ben Kweller I Dare You To Move - Switchfoot