Chitwan National Park, Nepal-Episode 53 sd

The Royal Chitwan National Park is a sub-tropical-jungle type of park with a Nepali twist. The package included Elephant rescue center, Safari & bathing, jungle walks, canoe rides on the river and best of all, lots & lots of rhinos.For more videos, visit and for more details, maps & facts visit To Get involved National Park Video DetailsThis episode takes place in Chitwan National Park, located in the Teri lowlands of Nepal. The adventure involves a package tour.We booked as a group from Kathmandu, the capital. We opted for the $90 (4 day – 3 night) package that offered medium quality transport, which translates into a seat verses standing room only.All transportation was included as well as upgrades at the welcome center. But meals were already included so what was there to upgrade?On arrival at the Park Distribution Point we had to struggle through the high-pressure sales pitches even though our package was all-inclusive.After lunch we visited a local village to observe the lifestyle, the animals and locals. Then a short river crossing to visit an elephant rescue center. Perhaps someone needed to rescue the girls not the elephants.We spotted a rhino grazing on our way back to the guesthouse.Next DayThe next day we took a river canoe ride downstream in search of some more wildlife. Our first discovery was a sleepy alligator. Do the locals know that this river is full of alligators? I guess the locals have to cross somewhere. I was happy to cross in the canoe.Then it was time to get out and find some wildlife. Our first find was a bog full of aggressive rhinos.After an afternoon of walking a cool shower was in order. An elephant shower that is.Next DayWe set out on an elephant ride to find some more creatures. Rhinos were our main objective and plenty were at hand. Clearly size does count with rhinos. Better to view them from a nice big elephant than on foot. After a bumpy elephant day, entertainment was appreciated. We watched the locals dance and play drums.The next day we set out early for the long bus ride back to Kathmandu.