Cloud covered high peaks of Nepal as seen from the air

Thick cloud on the way to KathmanduFabulous aerial views of the Himalaya, from 35, 000 feet above mean sea level! This clip also affords a superb view of Mt. Everest or Chomolongma in Tibetan or Sagarmatha in Nepalese. This is the world's highest mountain at 29, 028 feet of 8848 meters altitude. This view is seen from just above the altitude of Everest in Nepal. Just as the plane passes a large cloud bank appears the gaunt figure of Everest...''This clip of professionally-shot broadcast stock footage belongs to the archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., and has been filmed on either Digital Betacam or 1080i HD. Please write to us for licensing queries at wfi @ vsnl . com and [email protected]''aerial Himalaya mountain helicopter sky Everest K-2 Karakoram Kanchenjunga Nepal India snow winter cold hill peak pinnacle pinacle slope ice tongue river frost-bite summit snow-cap ice-cap glacier glacial path arial trek george mallory K2 kangchenjunga sikkim west bengal nepal chomolongma sagarmatha roof world aerial air flight delhi kathmandu paro bhutan mount mt. hillary step tenzing sherpa george mallory hunt geographic national mapping survey of estate makalu annapurna lhotse nuptse