NEPAL - CORONATION OF KING MAHENDRA A Mystery city is thrown open for the Coronation of the world's only Hindu King. Kathmandu Nepal, India. GV. Street (titles super over). GV. Tilt down Temple with the mass below. GV. The King and Queen Lakshmi Devi of Nepal accompanied by various dignitaries walking across the Temple courtyard towards the dais. LV. Massed crowd. SV. The bearded old Nepalese generals with plumed hats SV. The Earl of Scarborough sitting next to the Chinese Deputy Premier Ulan Fu, & GV. SV. The King and Queen sitting down at the dais. SV. The Idol of Lord Hanuman. GV. The King being crowned. SV. Dignitaries watching. GV. The King and Queen sitting on the Cobra throne. GV. Elephants lined up outside the temple. GV. Massed crowd watching. SV. The Royal Elephant with the King and Queen in the howdah rising to its feet. SV. Large crowd of women watching. SV. The Royal Elephant passing camera with the King acknowledging the crowd clasping his hands. GV. The crowd lining the streets in between the idols. CV. Idol's face. GV. Royal Elephant passing through massed crowd.