Cremation at Bagmati, Nepal Explanation of Ceremony

This video was taken during the summer of 2006 near the Bagmati River just outside of Katmandu, Nepal. Taken from Wikipedia: The importance of Bagmati also lies in the fact that Hindus are cremated on the banks of this holy river, and Kirants are buried in the hills by its side. According to the Nepalese Hindu tradition, the dead body must be dipped three times into the Bagmati river before cremation. The chief mourner (usually the first son) who lights the funeral pyre must take a holy river-water bath immediately after cremation. Many relatives who join the funeral procession also take bath in the Bagmati River or sprinkle the holy water on their bodies at the end of cremation. The Bagmati River is thus considered to purify the people spiritually and physically.