Cremation at Pashupathinath Nepal.

Pashupati is one of the numerous names for Lord Shiva. Situated 5km east of Kathmandu, Pashupatinath is a pilgrimage place for Hindis. Cremations take place on the river Bagmati bank (as in Varanasi India on the Ganges) in front of the Golden Temple. The entrance to the Golden Temple is not allowed for non hindus but the sight from outside on the top of the hill overlooking the river is quite empathizing. You will see first a cremation of person from the more wealthier class. Later you see cremations of persons from the lower class. Original version for better quality. Data from the earlier wmv-version: - views: 11133 - comments: 22 - favorited: 5 - video rating: 13 with average of: 4,38