Cruising The Yangtze Gorges

Late Friday night October 21st 2011 we are greeted by a band as we board the Victoria Empress in Chongqing. After a quick check in we go to the top deck to watch the light show on the river with a background of lit up buildings. The ship still being provisioned as we head down to bed. On October 22nd we wake up to see an almost mystical fog. Unfortunately, it is probably mostly smog due to pollution. The Victoria Empress proceeds to Fengdu the Ghost City. There is an optional morning tour but we prefer just taking it easy. By midday we are heading downstream again and see the benefits of the recently completed facility, Three Gorges High Dam. The learn that the water level of the Yangtze and its tributaries is much higher and more stable, thus aiding commerce, and improving access. The hydroelectric output is the greatest of any facility in the world. However, there is a downside. Due to the permanent flooding of some areas, 1-2 million people have been forced to relocate, many against their will. Also, there has been a loss of habitat + some irreplaceable artifacts. Before nightfall we've passed into the Qutang Gorge; by midday on October 23rd we've reached Wuhan., small boat for a cruise through Daning River's "Lesser Three Gorges" (not with respect to beauty!) the "Dragon Gate," "Misty," and "Emerald" gorges A D Guida Video Productions (our Travel Diva Hessie + a d (tony to you) himself) visited China and Tibet in October 2011. This video was recorded in 1080 HD, 16:9 aspect on October 17, 2011: Rights are reserved. Non-commercial downloads ok. Anything else might be fine with attribution, but we would appreciate being contacted at This video is Part 9 of our "China--And How!" adventure. Part 10 will be a tour of the Three Gorges High Dam and a continuation of the Yangtze cruise to Yichang. Interested in our trip? Everything that has been uploaded so far is on our China & Tibet playlist. Note: for some of tony's words, poems, and art check words too. If you are so inclined, he'd be happy if you gave a look. For more travel and other videos from A D Guida Productions on youtube, enter ADGuida in the search window. Click on the avatar (old "ad" himself, but smaller, lumbering into the sunset and, presto, you'll be on our channel. Note too our playlists, including one covering China. Some of our videos are also on tony's new creative web site is: It already has lots of his words too. If you are so inclined, he'd be happy if you gave a look at this, his work in progress. Sharable comments, suggestions, questions, compliments? Let us know. We'd like to hear from you. You can offer comments etc on the website or by emailing tony at